Small businesses may require services that go beyond the normal debit and credit functions.  They may need advice on pricing, growth, and financing. Large firms can provide these services, usually at large-firm prices.  Small accounting firms specialize in small businesses, providing these businesses with the hand-holding they may need.

Tax Planning
Many small business owners think about their taxes in December, and most individuals don’t think about their taxes until it’s time to prepare the return!!  Don’t wait.  You should maintain contact with your tax preparer during the year.  I can sit down with you and project what your taxes will be, and determine if any steps can be taken to reduce that tax burden.

Tax Preparation
Tax laws are constantly evolving, and becoming more difficult to comprehend.  The first tax return form was one-half of one page!!!!!  Those were the days!!  Now, in addition to the basic 1040 form, you will also need to prepare additional schedules and forms.  Why sweat the preparation?Contact me!

Business Consultation
Small businesses are created every day, by ordinary people like you and me.  However, they may not know which type of entity to form.  Should I be an S-Corp, or maybe an LLC?  Let me sit down with you and discuss your goals for the business.  Then I can best advise you on the type of entity that would be the most advantageous for you.