Why use a CPA?

One of the major questions asked by potential business owners and individuals is whether they should retain the services of a CPA to handle my finances and taxes, or just hire an accountant.

Here are some things you may want to consider:

1) CPAs are licensed by the states. To maintain their license, they are required to take a certain number of hours (this varies by states) of continuing education to maintain their license. CPAs are going to be aware of changes in accounting principles or tax laws that will be beneficial to their clients. In many states, anyone can hang a shingle out and call themselves a professional tax preparer. But with no oversight, are they really professional?

2) CPAs are going to be there through-out the year. Some tax preparation services close shortly after April 15th, and don’t open again until the following tax season. CPAs perform other services in addition to tax preparation. A CPA will be there through-out the year, year after year.

3) CPAs are objective. Business owners and individuals are “too close” to their financial or business situation. They may see things from a personal perspective. A CPA will look at your situation as an “outsider”, allowing them to offer a professional opinion/solution to your situation.

If you have additional questions about the services of a CPA, do not hesitate to contact me.