Tax Preparation

Tax laws are constantly evolving, and becoming more difficult to comprehend.  The first tax return form was one-half of one page!!!!!  Those were the days!!  Now, in addition to the basic 1040 form, you will also need to prepare additional schedules and forms.

Tax laws change every year. Sometimes they may change in your favor, but sometimes they change against you. CPAs are licensed by the state, and states require that CPAs take continuing education courses before they are able to renew their license. If you are looking for a CPA, ask them if they are licensed. In fact, your state’s licensing agency may have that information on their website.

Many people ask if they need a CPA, and that depends on your situation, and your skill set. Some people are terrible working with numbers, others are unorganized, while others may feel their taxes are just not that complicated. But instead of trying to figure all of this out on your own, why not contact me and we can discuss your specific tax issues. Then you can make an informed decision.

Why sweat the preparation? Contact me!