May 2015 Newsletter

James Carroll, CPA L.L.C.
Planning Your Financial Future May 2015
If you run a non-profit organization, and you operate on a calendar year, your tax return is due May 15th.


How Does Divorce Affect Social Security Retirement Benefits?
One of the challenges of planning for retirement is that an unexpected event, like divorce,¬†can dramatically change your retirement income needs. If you were counting on your spouse’s Social Security benefits to provide some of your retirement income, what happens now that you’re divorced?
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Avoiding Probate: Is It Worth It?
When you die, your estate goes through a process that manages, settles, and distributes your property according to the terms of your will. This process is governed by state law and is called probate. Usually, everything goes smoothly during the probate process as long as the executor does what needs to be done in a timely fashion and there are no family squabbles. Nevertheless, some people may want to avoid this process.
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Self-Directed IRAs
A self-directed IRA isn’t a different type of IRA. Rather, the term refers to any individual retirement account (traditional or Roth) that allows you to direct the investment of your IRA assets into nontraditional investments.
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Am I liable for unauthorized transactions on my debit card?
Federal law provides consumers with protection against most unauthorized credit- and debit-card transactions.
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What is this new chip-card technology I’ve been hearing about in the news?
In recent years, data breaches at major retailers have increased across the United States. As a way to counteract these data breaches, many U.S. credit-card companies have started implementing a more secure chip-card technology called EMV (which is short for Europay, Mastercard, and Visa).
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