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Planning Your Financial Future


August is here. Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water, and be careful to make sure your children are hydrated, also. If you are taking a vacation this month, enjoy it, but also be wary. Have a family member or friend pick up your mail and packages while you are away.

Paying for College: Pieces of the Funding Puzzle

The typical family uses a combination of current income, savings, borrowing, and grants/scholarships to pay for college.

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Dividends for Income and Total Returns

Whereas stock prices are often volatile, dividend payments tend to be steadier and more directly reflect a company’s financial position.

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Finding Forgotten Funds

Billions of dollars in unclaimed property are reported each year, so how do you find what is owed to you?.

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What the Red-Hot Job Market Means for Workers

The COVID-19 pandemic kicked off a severe labor shortage and possibly the most worker-friendly job market in many years.

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James Carroll's Profile Picture

James Carroll, CPA
James Carroll, CPA L.L.C.
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