June 2018 Newsletter

Planning Your Financial Future June 2018
Summer is approaching, and the year is almost half-over. School will end soon and the days are getting longer, meaning children will be out playing and riding bikes. Be careful, and anticipate them running out into traffic. If you’re taking a vacation, have FUN!!!
Mid-Year Planning: Tax Changes to Factor In
The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, passed in December of last year, fundamentally changes the federal tax landscape for both individuals and businesses.
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Investing to Save Time Boosts Happiness Returns
Spending money to save time can result in greater life satisfaction.
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Marriage and Money: Taking a Team Approach to Retirement
Even when most of a married couple’s retirement assets reside in different accounts, it’s still possible to craft a unified retirement strategy.
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What is the employment situation report, and why is it important to investors?
The employment situation report provides important information about the country’s labor force.
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What is gross domestic product, and why is it important to investors?
Gross domestic product is the most comprehensive collection of data on a country’s economy.
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