May 2016 Newsletter

James Carroll, CPA L.L.C.
Planning Your Financial Future May 2016
Have a nonprofit? Does your fiscal year end in December? Form 990 series are due May 15th.
Understanding Stock Market Indexes
Understanding the nuts and bolts of a stock market index may make a difference to your portfolio.
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Four Lessons Grandparents and Grandchildren Can Learn Together
If you’re a grandparent, maintaining a strong connection with your grandchildren is important, but that may become harder over the years as they leave for college, or become busier building their careers and their families. Focusing on what you can learn together and what you can teach each other about financial matters may help you see that you’re not that different after all.
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Nearing Retirement? Time to Get Focused
The transition to retirement can seem overwhelming if you’re not prepared. These points may help you focus your plan.
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How long should I keep financial records?
There’s a fine line between keeping financial records for a reasonable period of time and becoming a pack rat. A general rule of thumb is to keep financial records only as long as necessary. It’s ultimately up to you to determine which records you should keep on hand and for how long, but here’s a suggested timetable for some common documents.
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What are some tips for organizing financial records?
Organizing your financial records is a cyclical process rather than a one-time event. You’ll need to set up a system that helps you organize incoming documents and maintain existing files so that you can easily find what you need.
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