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June Newsletter

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  Planning Your Financial Future

 Well, May flew by (or maybe it just seems that way as I get older). Anyway,
June is here. The children get out of school soon. Please drive safely. The weather
warms up, days get longer, and kids may dart into the street unexpectedly.


Top 10 Tax Breaks You'll Miss in 2014
While it's possible that Congress could retroactively extend some
or all of these ten provisions, you'll have to evaluate your 2014 
tax situation based on the fact that they're no longer available.

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Personal Finance Tips for New Graduates
You've marched along to Pomp and Circumstance and collected
your diploma--now you are ready to finally head out on your own.
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Financial Choices: College, Retirement, or Both?
It's the paramount financial conflict many families face, especially
as more couples start having children later in life. Should you
save for college or retirement? The pressure is fierce on both 
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Are con artists adopting trendy twists on old scams?
Con artists may base scams on trendy topics or threats, but they
still use old-school techniques to try to get important information
or money.
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What is duration, and why should I pay attention to it?
If you have bond holdings in your portfolios, you may want to pay 
attention to duration to gauge the potential impact if and when 
interest rates rise.
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May Newsletter

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 Planning Your Financial Future

April showers bring May flowers. Guess we'll find out, since the weather folks are calling for a lot of rain this week. The big tax rush is over, but now it's time to think about your financial future.


15 Facts about Social Security
It's easy to take Social Security for granted when retirement is
years away, but it's likely that this program will play a role in your
financial future,perhaps even sooner than you think. Here are
some facts and statistics from the Social Security Administration
that highlight why Social Security is important to so many people.
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Tips for Traveling Abroad
Before you take off on an international adventure, consider that
a little preparation and a few precautions can help prevent a lot
of unexpected headaches.
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Saving for the Future: Start Now or Start Later?
No matter how you save to reach a future goal, there is an
advantage to putting your savings and earnings to work for you
as early as possible.
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My parents can't manage alone anymore. What should I do?
Are one or both of your parents are having health problems,
suffering mental lapses, or just slowing down with age?
The problem may not go away or get better, but there are
several ways you can deal with it.
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What is an assisted-living facility, and how do I choose one?
As you grow older, your housing needs may change. An assisted
living facility is one housing option available for older individuals.
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April 2014 Newsletter

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Planning Your Financial Future April 2014

April is almost here, and that means you have about two weeks to either get your taxes filed or file an extension. If you don't think you will have your information ready, file an extension. But remember, if you think you will owe (or you know it), send a payment along with the extension. You can extend the time to file. You cannot extend the time to pay.


The Fed's Great Unwind and Your Portfolio
As the Fed begins to reduce its purchases of bonds and gets closer to raising its target interest rate, that unwinding can affect your portfolio.
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Spring Cleaning Your Debt
It's springtime--time for you to take stock of your surroundings and get rid of the dirt and clutter that you've accumulated during this past year. In addition to typical spring cleaning tasks, you may want to take this time to focus on your finances as well. In particular, now may be as good a time as ever to evaluate your debt situation and try to reduce and/or eliminate any debt obligations you may have.
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Saving through Your Retirement Plan at Work? Don't Let These Five Risks Derail Your Progress
As a participant in your work-sponsored retirement savings plan, it's important for you to stay focused -- and be aware of a few key risks that could derail you in your pursuit of success.
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Is there a new way to calculate my home office deduction?
Beginning with the 2013 tax year, you're able to use an optional safe harbor method of calculating your home office deduction.
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How do I figure the tax on the sale of my home?
If you owned and used a home as your principal residence for a total of two out of the five years before the sale you may be able to exclude from federal income tax up to $250,000 ($500,000 if you're married and file a joint return) of the capital gain when you sell your home.
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March 2014 Newsletter

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Planning Your Financial Future March 2014

Here we go. Heading into March, April will be here soon. Warm weather is around the corner!!! 
What Baseball Can Teach You about Financial Planning
Spring training is a tradition that baseball teams and baseball fans look forward to every year. No matter how they did last year, teams in spring training are full of hope that a new season will bring a fresh start. As this year's baseball season gets under way, here are a few lessons from America's pastime that might help you reevaluate your finances.
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Test Your Knowledge of Financial Basics
Working with a trusted financial professional can be a great way to help improve your overall financial situation, but it's not the only thing you can do. Take this brief quiz to see how well you understand a few of the basics.
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What's New in the World of Higher Education?
Whether your son or daughter is expecting college decisions any day now or whether you're planning ahead for future years, here's what's new in the world of higher education.
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Graph: The S&P 500 Month by Month in 2013
This chart depicts the month-by-month performance of the S&P 500 in 2013.
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Graph: The Best of Times, the Worst of Times, and 2013
Want to see how domestic equities' price gains in 2013 compare to historic highs and lows?
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Refer a friend
IRS regulations require that I advise you that, unless otherwise specifically noted, any federal tax advice in this communication (including any attachments, enclosures, or other accompanying materials) was not intended or written to be used, and it cannot be used, by any taxpayer for the purposes of avoiding penalties; furthermore, this communication was not intended or written to support the promotion or marketing of any of the transactions or matters it addresses.

Tax Highlights

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College tuition and related costs continue to rise.  If you have not started saving for your child's college education, don't wait.  Open an educational savings plan.  Not only do the funds grow free of tax, but you also may qualify for a tax deduction on your state tax return.  Plus, if the funds are used for qualified education expenses and you satisfy the requirements of your particular state, they are not taxable when distributed from the account.


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